Leaking Dishwasher

dishwasher troubleshooting

A leaking dishwasher can be messy, distressing and possibly dangerous. Cleaning up the mess in the kitchen is relatively easy to deal with. The shock from watching it happen will go away after a little bit.

However, if there are any gaps in your floors or walls, flowing water could find them and cause water damage. That damage can produce mold that could make you or your family sick. We recommend Berks in Reading: bfwrestorations.com

If you discover that your dishwasher has a leak, don’t automatically assume you have to replace it. In this article, we will show you six common causes of dishwasher leaks. The problem could be simple enough for you to repair it yourself or to call us for our dishwasher repair service.



If you find water leaking directly under your door, then you need to check two things:

  • Your door latch
  • Your door seal

If your door latch isn’t closing properly or damaged, then during operation, it could open just enough to send water outside of the unit. It could be as simple as a loose screw or two. Make sure the latch screws are tight and try again.

If that did not fix it, then your door seal may be worn, and in need of replacement. This is not a difficult job. Just soak the new seal in warm, soapy water before you install it.


After a dishwasher has been used for a long time, the tub can develop a hole from corrosion from detergents and minerals. When that happens, water has nowhere else to go but through that hole.

While fixing the hole is a possibility, if your unit is older, the cost of repairing it may be so much that you might as well replace the dishwasher.


Check your water inlet valve to make sure it is not stuck. If it is, it can definitely flood your kitchen with no problem.

Hoses can loosen after a while, so it’s just a matter of checking the connections, tightening any that would allow water to flow out at these connections.


If your dishwasher is level, then the water will stay level as well. Use a carpenter’s level to align it horizontally, and use shims if you have to. This way you will keep the water inside the dishwasher and away from your floor.


Always, always, always use dishwasher detergent. Never use dish soap, like the kind you use at the sink. It will create too much foam and can lead to leaks.


Water is going to go where it will find an opening, but if you overload your dishwasher, you can prevent the unit from draining properly. The next place it will head is for the dishwasher door, and then to your kitchen floor.


Try checking for these common causes if you ever have a leaking dishwasher. If for any reason you don’t have success with these, please don’t hesitate to give our appliance repair company a call. We can help you fix it.